Protect Your Wood Surfaces from Harm

Protect Your Wood Surfaces from Harm

Prevent further damage with termite control services in Ocean City, NJ

If you've noticed mud tubes near your foundation or pinpoint holes in your walls, it's time to get termite control services from JP Pest Control LLC in Ocean City, NJ. We'll start with a thorough inspection to locate the source of activity, then help you eliminate your termite problem with an effective chemical treatment.

We also treat for carpenter ants, carpenter bees, beetles and other wood-boring insects.

Contact us today to arrange for termite treatment services.

Don't wait for termite damage to get worse

When it comes to minimizing termite damage, time is of the essence. You should schedule termite control services before they have a chance to:

  • Cause your floors and ceilings to swell or buckle.
  • Ruin your favorite wood pieces or antique furniture.
  • Hollow out your foundation or support structures.

Besides making your space look shabby, damage like this can make your home unsafe. Call 856-313-8396 now to schedule timely termite treatment services in the Ocean City, NJ area.